Search engine marketing to small and medium sized enterprises is easy for beginners to learn to use

as one of the emerging network marketing methods, search engine marketing (SEM) has been favored by many enterprises. In particular, a large number of small and medium enterprises, because of insufficient funds, please do not promote professional talent, can not afford to invest in traditional advertising, so the search engine marketing as a preferred means of business promotion. Even during the two sessions this year, more than NPC deputies suggested that the search engine marketing should be written into the SME Promotion law.

, however, from my experience for many years engaged in the Internet, search engine marketing easy entry, seemingly in Baidu, Google and other search engines can open an account, but if you want to do, is not an easy thing. Whether it is keywords, creativity, selection, delivery, bidding, or ranking management, all of them need some professional knowledge and experience.

enterprise search engine marketing in the first interview, usually there is a misunderstanding, think that as long as the words put out, you can wait for the business volume growth; or choose a few keywords, then crazy money, intended by simply being ranked first to promote traffic breakthrough. But often the effect is not satisfactory, and did not bring more customers and business growth, and some companies therefore have doubts about the search engine marketing this way.

in fact, this situation is caused by two reasons. Objectively speaking, search engine marketing management background is very complicated, keyword creativity, search ranking management requires a certain professional knowledge and management experience, especially the search rankings, all may change, want to maintain the ideal search position is really not easy.

subjectively, it is because of the shortage of talent in the medium and small enterprises, the lack of funds, the ability to make good keyword creation and management search rankings. Especially the first search engine marketing, keyword selected are special direct words, these words search general price is relatively high, ranking after the launch of more intense competition, if there is no good management and maintenance, the result can only be submerged in the flow of information, business related information and no chance of exposure to potential consumers front.

so, companies want to make a difference in the search engine marketing, you should first learn the detailed search engine search keywords ranking principle and principle, and the background of SEM management and maintenance of related knowledge, the use of coincidence to win in the market competition.

first of all, in the key words, put different keywords for different customers. Consumers from contact with the purchase of a product, there will be a process. General needs from the "contact – cognitive – familiar – trust" and so on several stages, and then may produce purchasing behavior. Therefore, enterprises should be based on potential consumers at different stages of the psychological, and put the appropriate keywords to guide. That is to say, the key words should be in line with the search habits of potential customers.

secondly, keyword ranking management should be appropriate. The keyword search rankings on search engines are >

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