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bosses always want their website keywords to reach the home page in Baidu. Even they don’t care what you’re going to do, and they’ll be happy when they’re in the rankings. I came across a boss who came to me to help them optimize their websites. I asked him what he wanted to achieve by optimizing the psychological expectations. He said, "I want to search our name in Baidu, and we can easily find our website.". I think, so simple, psychological coursing. In fact, the boss will say so because the boss does not understand, but I understand, this is not SEO, the real SEO is not just this. Also reflects the bosses from the side of the optimization of the wrong understanding.

at the moment many people have heard of SEO, all know that you can not bid, and through free tips, you can help enterprise website to improve keywords ranking, improve order conversion. This reminds me of my own experience. Some time ago, a company in Pudong found me. They did the floor heating. The first is a department manager for me, said the past talk about optimization of things, I have spent more than 1 hours removed from Hongqiao subway to Zhangjiang hi tech.

after the meeting with the boss, I talked about one hour, at the end, I asked him, Zhang in the end you have an expected heart, to achieve what goal through optimization? He said I have no idea!! he later suggested that called the general manager and deputy general manager. We are together a follow-up meeting. I also agreed, well, the results of the other party completely do not understand SEO, strictly speaking, should be three do not understand. They seem to think that SEO is a covert operation through internal relationships. I said it was not. The other side asked me, "do you have a lot of Baidu relations, or how do you do the rankings up there? There are free to do rankings method? Is not Baidu promotion?


at this point, a series of questions I can not answer. Because I know they still have a long way to go. Just over 3 hours of conversation, they said, "let me go back first. They have to think it over.". I will laugh. White blind for half a day..

to address these issues, I’ll explain the specific process for you today, such as what SEO is and how it works for SEO.

first of all, SEO is divided into two parts: station and station.

1, station optimization

1, website Title, Description, keywords

, the most important thing here is Title, and the other two labels have no effect.

so, when we do the website optimization, we can write our target word in the title. The more important, the more important it is.

Keywords: not too much, generally 3-5. Remember to pile up.

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