The main points of local tourism website development close contact with local travel agency;

as a business for 1 years of local tourism web site, I think the development of local tourism website opportunity missed by local travel agencies to help, that is to say the local tourism website can not separate the upward development, combined with the reality of resource, remember 11 years visited my site every day hundreds of people, but the site does not have the corresponding company cooperation, until one user asked me I realized the seriousness of the problem, I still remember his question: Hello, excuse me why your website does not provide travel agency for us to choose


from this problem we can see consumers tour website with one purpose, that is to choose a good travel agency, so the development of local tourism website points is closely related to the local travel agency, which is the development of a breakthrough opportunity to, if we in the business to local travel website will be more than fifty percent of the local travel agency included, I think the development potential of the website can definitely double talk about how to bring local tourism websites and local travel agencies are closely linked to the following.

The first

to realize local websites and local travel agency is closely linked to comply with the rules of the industry, we all know that there is a travel agency industry factors, that is to commission cooperation, so when we cooperate at the invitation of the travel agency and the site will not be able to forget to give them to the Commission, was the first time I into a travel agency found when the person in charge of them, the person in charge of the first sentence is: are you going to give me how much profit. Was the problem I tangled for a long time, I advertise for him, but also his profit, this is I remain perplexed despite much thought of the problem, but this is a fact, I finally asked a teacher, the teacher told me, now many travel agencies as a whole, the whole is 0 many of them, is a subsidiary of a company, if you do not separate a certain profit, then you may not pull to a local travel agent, wanted to think, I once again came to the travel agency, but this time I prepared directly, and he agreed, the Commission of ten percent, the other as I provide tourism information and tourism links, tourism and tourism price thread, which laid the foundation for the first step on the development of tourism website.

again on the basis of the first step we can take the second step strategy, and travel agencies to jointly develop site columns, columns can be called the travel agency, they will invite the local travel agency name, telephone number, tourist routes all added to the column, and then through the way of allowing users to score 5 stars. Consumers come to the website open column can quickly choose a suitable for their own travel agency, reach a deal, this strategy not only for the user experience of the website is Tishi, more important is to be able to directly or indirectly for their own benefit, so the second step development strategy program must be good, column content to be generous. Content to be rich, content to have value, I want to do, these three columns is a successful column, for improving the conversion rate of consumers is very much

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