Share my bit of experience

below is what I have done a little bit of experience:

one, do not do too popular category website. For example, QQ space code and other sites, personal webmaster do too much, there are a dozen QQ station some webmaster, too much competition, difficult to have the light of day. Some popular keywords, personal website to do less, in addition to several portals and several personal websites, in front of the row containing the keywords of the blog post, this is what we want to do the site.

two, space, domain name, links, I do not say more, Admin5 on a lot of articles say very clear.

three, column settings, use keywords. TITLE is important.

four, updated daily. Even if the collection, but also to change the title and content, but to do every day updated, updated periods. Recently found the morning update, the effect is very good. Remember, you only pay more than others, it may get the favour of search engine, it may be more than the old station station.

five, the content of the article as far as possible on the left side of the page, the key words in bold annotation, not necessarily in a chain of excessive chain will not friendly to the search engine.

six, to maintain a good attitude, be patient. General keywords stable row to the home page, generally need 3-6 months, I said is stable. Hot keywords stable to the home page for about a year. You can’t let the search engine think you’ve overtaken any other old station in a short time, so you can only succeed if you stick to it.

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