Three years of webmaster career brought me pain and joy

at home, for a long time did not write. Here is a summary of his three years in career experience, where the IT. computer


99 years of his will just on the primary school grade 3, see than their older partners often played red alert in the cafe, at that time did not know the Internet, but know the computer, remember 2 yuan an hour, he saw the construction of many things feel very envious. His heart envy.

When the

in 2000 was brought into the game world, start your own web surfing is red, or cafe owner taught. On the computer time really is very fast, when the Internet search system, not a minor one that I remember are generally play 1 hours away, remember the morning is 1 dollars an hour, Internet cafes more than 20 computer, so a Saturday, 7 day early in the morning we partner more went to Internet cafes to play, because the morning is less, the price cheap page most will play 2 hours. At that time all rivers and lakes, we have a chat room early play I will remember that. Remember the website HTTP:// even remember. Don’t know no way, so the Internet type. And then one day in the Internet bar to see the boss’s son was playing a game, you look very interesting, called the Westward Journey 2, NetEase. The hair get out of hand, deep into Online games. Every day after school, the Internet bars play for 1 or 2 hours, and then hurry home. Then the family didn’t realize that I would play that thing, because I was studying in the class very well,.

I remember it was a winter afternoon school early, because what is forgotten, I went to play to play my big, too fast, mainly because of their addiction, then come in person, patted my shoulder, a look at the father, not scared to death on the spot my dad, usually to my discipline is very strict, I thought this is the end of the next, but did not expect the missing dad said: " so late, hurry home to." then walked away, I looked at my watch, weighs more than 10 points. The cafe boss said to me, your parents well. I said to go home I just pick up along the way. Just behind my father’s ass, thinking of how to go home is clean. I returned home low head chief there, my mother scold me, my dad said the first time I did not say what, if found in you do. And let me go because of his bed. Has been deeply into the world of online games, every day before breakfast to save all buy cards. Later, was discovered by Dad. A beaten.

but still can’t stop my heart to the network game. In fact, the home is not for me to play, is to make me less. But no way, I have in the online world, that time really can’t get out. Later academic performance decline badly. Later on the junior high school, oneself or play, because it will boast too much fire, the students are playing their own high level, and there is a sense of accomplishment, when the Spring Festival in 2002, before I forget. I went to Internet cafes, someone shouted in the game, big.

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