How to analyze website data clear the way of website analysis

How does

perform web site data analysis? This is another question for listeners when sharing traffic before, and sort out the appropriate content here.


is a schematic diagram of a web site analysis of the life cycle, collected in requirement analysis and confirm the data we need after (again, clear demand analysis is very important, it can be avoided in order to analysis and analysis), we can make full use of various tools of the website analysis report on analysis of data expansion.



site analysis tools in a very large amount of data, you may accidentally drowned in the sea of data, you must have a clear idea of what to know, use report or report view which can help you quickly find the answer. The following is the data module involved in the site analysis, which also provides a general idea of Web site data analysis.


involved according to the contents of the above data module, detailed analysis on the site analysis and index plate I will generally listed in the report on the bottom (the following is a list of the website data analysis in some of my personal feel plate and the index, the more important the different net station data important index will vary):

basic information:

How about the traffic level of

website? Compared with the data of similar websites in the industry, according to our market positioning, how much of our traffic needs to be improved in the future?

Where are the

visitors coming from? Is this used to confirm the match of our marketing strategy?. If quite a few users come from countries with small languages, do we have to consider building multilingual sites?

What kind of devices do

visitors usually access to websites? In the increasingly mobile today, do we have to build our own mobile site or develop our APP


how about the ratio of new and old users? Can we retain old users while expanding new users?

traffic source

What are the main sources of traffic on the

site, SEO, SEM, EDM, social media, and what types of traffic sources can we expand


what are the priorities of these traffic sources? What are our most heavily dependent sources of traffic? Which traffic sources have the highest conversion rates?

SEO/SEM traffic level, how to upgrade?

?How about the use of

, EDM, and social media marketing? How about the conversion rate?

web content

What are the page categories of the

web site?

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