Dew on the new domestic record fully achieved some of the difficulties

domestic new records may really be achieved, the wind is blowing again and again, yesterday saw the space business into Beijing, what is the meeting?. Now let me talk about some of the difficulty of fully implementing the new filing.

one, international rice question,

is the first record filing requirements, and then analysis station, if the meter is registered in a foreign country, may achieve a certain degree of difficulty, people in the overseas registration, registration of foreign companies may not require all international meters are real, even impossible to Chinese by international rice, requirements Chinese international home record meter. It is also impossible for China to force foreign registrars to do so, just as last year many foreign registrars did not use cn.

we assume that, if the Chinese in overseas registration meters all blocked, not let our people open, may do, there will be a lot of foreign opposition, will bring a lot of pressure of public opinion. Against all pressure, China can not do so, nor will it.

two, space problem,

new record can only require China’s space providers to implement, we want to think about it, perhaps only the big space providers will go to do so, such photographs for the record, not to mention trouble, but also tired. There is no way for a large space provider to survive, but only to do so. Small space business on the switch to do foreign space, the original small space business profits less, it is impossible for a number of domestic servers and to do a large number of camera filing system. Small space providers to transfer to foreign countries, of course, will be more or less to bring some users, with the user’s drive, of course, will also form a series of chain reactions. My station also moved abroad, the foreign space slowly, slowly, and do not have to be so troublesome.

domestic large space business requirements are strict, what a little bit wrong on your site, will be closed space, is also the reason why many small owners to transfer to small space taking domestic reasons.

three, personal information security issues

we’re going to take pictures, of course, some personal information to be submitted to the space business, when the information submitted to the space, the space is not necessarily secure, this may not say, people may now do in space will not give you the delivery of personal information, once they do space. May your information will be sold to other people. We submit to the space providers have the most important identity card information, with these identity cards, information fall into the hands of bad guys, inevitably there will be some insecurity.

four, offsite camera fee problem

now many small and medium-sized Adsense has no income or a small amount of income, you say you will be in a space to take photos?. This remote camera will undoubtedly improve the construction site of the threshold, of course there will be some owners choose to leave the industry, there are some people choose to transfer with foreign space. Well, I don’t think most people do

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