came from the cold winter only because of the love of NBA

there is no doubt that this is a cold winter, especially on the Internet, it is cold to the bone. PPLIVE, uusee, popcorn and other video sites have layoffs, today the gaming company’s earnings release, has been considered to fall asleep can make money online games industry seems to have begun by the impact of the financial crisis is so weak.

in the Admin5 around, found a problem, the original small webmaster life is not good. But, in this cold winter, I stumbled to join the ranks of small and medium-sized webmaster. (Narrator: This is not what


, in fact, he is also an Internet person, the Internet is still know how the situation. Small and medium-sized webmaster is also difficult to understand. But why do I have to be a station? Actually, plainly, it comes from one word: interest.

you tell me, don’t misunderstand me is the station to do wrong, those interested in the complex disorder program I see a big head, is really not what interest. What I’m talking about is interest in basketball and love for NBA. Watching NBA, watching NBA, reporting reviews, this might be the only hobby in my spare time. (well, actually, I didn’t go to college in high school. It’s about it.)

and my friends also have a lot of love basketball, usually meet is Kan ball, Kan NBA, but, work, everyone is busy. There are so few opportunities to meet. Talking about NBA basketball on QQ, I don’t think it’s the same thing. So, I was on the whim of one day and did a NBA fan forum? Removed from the Internet so long to build a station is not a problem. But what domain name is registered? This is really a headache, good now let m registered over, it’s hard-earned.

, but it’s the aura again. What about yynba? Because Y is the first letter of Yao Ming, the first letter of Yi Jianlian, or the first letter of Yerry, it’s wonderful. In fact, the best is YY, or on the Internet said someone Psycholagny civilization that I have more than a friend said, I will only YY. (for example, I said I want to become a NBA superstar, a friend will return one, you can YY it.)

askew NBA fan forum domain name was born. The domain name is OK, and the next thing goes well. Three days to build a good frame, only a week’s time, with the help of friends, posting has reached five hundred. The next step is to promote it in a big way.

yes, that’s a little far away. My website is built. How can I make a profit? That’s a big problem. Ha ha, in fact, I really did not think much, it is interest only. As for profitability, this is a problem for the future. So I came in the winter, a green hand a small webmaster, it is not to make money, when interest in it, maybe it’s time for me to start to try, however, the process is the most important.

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