How to use website structure to build high weight website

Hello, I am happy to joke _ embarrassments nets webmaster, today to share with everyone to do stand these days of experience. Today’s topic is: how to use the website structure to build high weight websites. Here, I want you to understand some of the concepts:

1. What is the weight


weight is the importance of a search engine to a web page. The higher the weight, that is, the more search engines add to the site, the faster and safer, and the more information they display to users.

What are the weight of

two and two search giants in


here we focus on Baidu and Google, a Chinese giant, an international giant. Their weight performance varies. Baidu’s weight is mainly reflected in the snapshot, Google’s weight is mainly manifested in the PR value. Further exploration, you can observe the station was included in the frequency and included percentage. Generally speaking, the weight of new sites is relatively low, and the standard of judging such websites is different. Is phased, combined with multiple indicators to carry out.

below, I will discuss with you how to use the site structure to create a high weight website:

to my website as an example: site but a month, currently Baidu snapshot updated daily, stable health included, Google fully included. Wait for the end of the month PR update, 3 (one had confidence). Summary of my optimization operation, a more important link, that is, I set the site structure.

website structure is mainly divided into layout and internal chain:

layout, pay attention to lead and affect the whole body. The fluctuation of information volume is the best effect under the condition that the whole structure is invariable. A5 is a good example: after the audit, focus, through the layout of the post updates most, let spiders eat once, every time that spiders think this is a new home page. So the spider followed the rhythm of the website.

within the chain, pay attention to the establishment of multi-channel. This means that a page has multiple links to other pages of the web site. Methods of operation can be built with random documents, hot documents, and document ranking. As long as the background of an update, you can all stations are moving.

in those, for example, the user document publishing page, you can build more keyword connections, pointing to the home page. This is helpful to improve the weight of the home page. Remember, the key word must be related to the theme of the website, and should grasp the scale. Remember, any optimization is as long as cheating. SEO is not knowledge, is a good habit, as long as friends do a little attention in the process of standing, do more adjustments, norms do station. Search engines will certainly love you!


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