From the QQ domain name domain name on the significance of thinking

from 2007 to enter the stationmaster industry fought in a few years, there have been used in high and vigorous spirits, frustrated desire. It started out as a free forum and created hundreds of online wonders. Now I do website countless, general gaming sites and local portals have been brilliant. And I recently started building a QQ professional website in recent years. QQ is not only widely distributed, but also has a large number of development. The high degree of coincidence between service areas and objects is bound to result in fierce competition among these QQ types of websites. Although each relying on QQ as a carrier of professional websites have begun to take shape. But the QQ type website to search through the search engine, the domain name is not very old, advertising has been like a game patch, full name, did not get angry. See a lot of stationmaster is talking about the experience that he does a station, I also talk about the experience that closes QQ website domain name to choose. Thus lead to more profound significance of the domain name

I do QQ portal, although soon, but a lot of emotion. First, if you do not have a good domain name, to the late, you’ll find your own domain name more and more angry, especially the combination of letters and numbers of the domain name, if there is no special significance, had better not choose this type of domain name. I passed the domain name assessment for a few months, of course, only a few days of careful assessment. To find QQ, QQai etc. these domain names already registered by others, and most of type QQ sites are QQ two letters in the first row of the domain name. So I thought, I put the letter on the back of QQ two domain combinations, is certainly some of the out of the ordinary? Then picked selected, and finally selected the domain name, meaning "to QQ single level". Many people may ask: "you are doing QQ portal, how to choose a QQ portal with the nature of the domain name does not match?"

first: I think the domain name words, listen to others will feel particularly familiar with, have a particular affinity, played QQ friends in reality, there must be such a sentence: "your QQ number to me, I add you as a friend." "Give me a better QQ number, please."." Wait。

second: can be understood as, give you QQ latest information, QQ software download. Give you QQ everything, the news, the raiders. Instead of just giving the QQ number.

so remind everyone, when choosing domain names, do not blindly pursue the domain name of the surface meaning. You can think about it from several angles. Then you’ll find that there are many other themes for you to choose from. For example, Admin5, not only can be understood as webmaster 5, and later by the majority of webmaster familiar, found 5 and network with homonym taste, so Admin5 can understand into "webmaster net" Yo,


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