Let your station and Baidu fall in love

to share a personal experience ~ I’m not what master! Here is my summary right! We exchange! Hehe limited ability to Baidu and "love" (here I put Baidu to see a young man, your station is a girl) you must first understand a Baidu.

search engine collection process: 1, crawl web pages, each independent search engine has its own web crawler (spider). Spider follows the hyperlink in the web page to grab pages continuously. Because the application of hyperlinks in the Internet is very common, in theory, from a certain range of web pages, you can collect most of the web pages.

2, processing web search engines, after catching the web, but also do a lot of pre processing work in order to provide retrieval services. Among them, the most important thing is to extract keywords and build index files. Other things include removing duplicate pages, analyzing hyperlinks, and calculating the importance of web pages.

3, provides the retrieval service user input keyword search, the search engine to find the key words, the web page from the index database; in order to facilitate the user to judge, in addition to the page title and URL, as well as a web page and other information from the.

URL read first spiders crawl the site, take out a site URL, put it into the list of URL did not visit (UVURL list), if the UVURL is not empty just removed from a URL to determine whether it has been visited, if there is no access to read this page, and carries on the analysis and hyperlink analysis the content, and some pages in the document database, and some have access to the URL URL into the list (VURL list), until the UVRL is empty, then grab the other site, followed by the cycle until all of the site URL list until the end of grab. Excerpt from < < search engine system learning and development practice summary; > >

understanding of Baidu, we have to do is, first of all to your site login Baidu, which is like http://s.www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html and Baidu see a face! Let Baidu know you, as long as Baidu can find you a step closer, below to see if you have much ability, to let Baidu love you and I still use soft to seduce Baidu this boy I want to see you, is your station in some stations link here such as Baidu know their own internal Post Bar, ` this two weight is very high in Baidu ` ` you can go to hair with your link, I think Baidu this guy won’t ignore the ` ` looking for some weight high Baidu included fast station do I want to see you, not Baidu, this is not what we want, let him every day to run here here we ` ` Something, I suggest you go to some BBS send some text, for example: chinz.; Admin5; behind these stationmaster exchange places &> etc.

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