The rise of the sea Amoy website foreign goods domain name yanghuo com six digit transaction

renamed Chinese ( December 11th news, recently, the sea Amoy class domain name and domain name is the fruit in the market, the market continued to rise unabated. "Foreign goods", " of the domain names in Muskmelon" day before being shot to win investors.

The rise of the

sea Amoy website is led to the rise of the relevant domain, many domain name trading at high prices, for example, is the terminal acquisition, ready for sea Amoy website "foreign buy" price as high as $125 thousand, about 768 thousand yuan, and after that, similar to the "foreign goods" in the days before the 6 to number of price was bought.


: muskmelon

in the "" grape "carambola", and many other fruits have domain name after the transaction, the day before, and a "Muskmelon" is domain name investors home.


: Sino British life insurance

in addition, the telephone sales number of China UK life-insurance company and the 5 digital domain are also in the near future. The transaction process is very smooth and it is easy to reach a deal in just 15 minutes.

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