Talking about garbage station QQ station is garbage station

" what is rubbish station, " has been webmaster discussion topics below to discuss what is the garbage station, because of the different opinions, so everyone on the garbage station view is not the same, everyone has everyone’s ideas.

is a part of the webmaster may think, rely on advertising to survive, no profit system of their own station for the garbage station, this part of the webmaster because I rely on advertising alliance not what the future development, so that this site is rubbish station


on the other part of the webmaster will say, QQ station is rubbish station, they are very obvious, is not what the feeling QQ station of practical significance, not what readable content, so talk about these times on QQ around the site is a garbage station. Of course, their point of view is not incorrect. Right, I want to say is that it is purely personal point of view Oh, profitable station is not good, profitable station is rubbish station, why?

We take the QQ

station, QQ, is the site of QQ station friends should be very clear, it is the QQ mobile station, how it is mobile phone? You can search engine at the station, qqjia, its ranking in the search engines are quite good, traffic is large surprisingly, there are 30W, such a large flow, it is the site for a month at least, I think it can make a few W? Of course it is not our site specific, we do not know, can earn so much, we can say that it is the garbage station? If it is garbage station if I should see a few not garbage site. In addition to a large portal


also said the owners rely on advertising alliance site is rubbish station is also not so sure, because I think the Internet should at least eighty percent of the station is profitable rely on advertising alliance advertising, advertising also hang alliance is not a profit model, a method?

so we should be very clear? Especially just joined the circle of friends, positioning before you want to do a website? Don’t think their station is rubbish station, the most important is to rely on their own interests, choose a piece of herself in a skilled love, then you have confidence to update your own website, interest is very important, besides, the Internet is a division of the network, even if it is a portal, they may not in all areas leading, not to mention our personal webmaster friends, as long as we choose a self love, a piece of interest and then do it. Can, through their own efforts to return, in June this year because the idle time has nothing to do with a QQ name of the website, why do QQ name? Because even if the time in idle, I also Also need to go to work, so I’m afraid I can’t maintain the website every day, so I chose the theme of QQ net name, because this keyword Baidu index is good, but also easy to maintain well,

, don’t hesitate to wander around. Don’t say anything

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