Webmaster how much do your attitudes and skills account for

now domestic 80% grassroots webmaster are doing three things, show off yourself, confused, ask for food and clothing. What kind of person do you belong to in front of the computer screen,


in fact, before writing this article, I have always wanted to find a breakthrough point, and we discuss how to solve the grassroots webmaster widespread criticism, it was said to do stand is very simple, the operation model sets right, you can profit. But I do not think so, I think the fundamental reason is that grassroots webmaster can not "sustained effective self motivation."".

I would like to ask you, if you have ideas for the operation of the perfect, and perfect technology, is not really able to do a monthly income of 100 thousand? Or are, technology, is the lack of action, it is the source power of grassroots webmaster can not continue to self motivation. And what this article wants to talk about is the grass-roots station stationmaster how effective self motivation.

if a sustained and effective nonprofit site, attitude and skills, I asked many people before they say attitude accounted for 80%, accounted for 20%. There is a skill, a very funny friend told me, he said the attitude skills accounted for 99%, accounted for 1%, in fact I am not, I think the grassroots webmaster to rise, attitude accounted for 100%, someone will ask me, don’t that skill? Otherwise, in fact, skills also accounted for 100%, I think the webmaster to rise, attitude and skill also needs to be accounted for 100%, accounting for 100%,

indispensable!How does

make sure that his attitude is 100%?

first of all, I would like to read this article for you and ask yourself a few questions. If the answer is YES, then add 20 points, and if you answer NO, then no bonus.

1., do you have problems and setbacks, do you act right now?

2., you are always "I must", for example, I must make 100 thousand yuan next month."

3. when your website continued stable profit, whether you can do a follow up a victory with hot pursuit,


4., do you work as a webmaster for your family?

5., do you get up every morning, whether you are wondering how your site should be improved, how to profit?


friends who have answered the question, if you score 100 points, that means you don’t have a problem with your attitude.

if less than 100 points, then read on.

just asked the question, I believe you also know what I am trying to figure out what you psychology.

if you don’t succeed yet, and you’re still upset about your food and clothing, then ten to one is your attitude.

if a person has a problem with his attitude, even if he gives you a perfect plan and gives you perfect technical support, you won’t be able to make a profit.

well, if you’ve got these attitudes, let’s talk about skills, what skills? I think >

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