Soft Wen promotion to seize the viral marketing two key features

website lacks the chain, how to solve,


in addition to exchange links, to the high PR forum hanging signature link irrigation, the best way is soft text. Soft Wen access to high quality of the chain, and word of mouth.

analysis, soft Wen is out and out of viral marketing! Starting from the basic knowledge of viral marketing, soft Wen promotion to be successful, must carry on the plan from the two most key link of viral marketing: virus source, delivery source. Namely: "valuable content", "appropriate" means of transmission". The following details:

1, valuable content (such as: new concept of search network:


is valuable. It doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia, but it does. Originality and professionalism are the most critical features, and are the core competitiveness of the virus source. Originality does not need to be explained. Professionalism is the integration or complementarity of what you want to spread across the industry. I can replace the red of the female, but not – this is the professional endorsement of Dior cosmetics.

2, a suitable route of transmission:

SEO, web site operators for Admin5 communication, network game can spread through QQ, 51 community through the Internet bar, news of the news to choose Sina spread gossip to choose Tianya, this is the right way to spread.

knows the two basic points, not enough. Pay attention to a key, how to make the two basic points reasonably "tangled" up.

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