Zhu Yong improve website conversion rate and visitors depth analysis of trust

1, domain name

as far as possible to use COM domain name, card Mu has won the hearts of the people, whether from the promotion point of view or brand point of view, is the best choice. After the domain name suffix determined, it is necessary to consider the prefix problem, on the domestic site recommended to choose the dual combination of good, but now in the domain name market Shuangpin prices generally tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, can also be considered a short spell in the three, three fight two years ago has entered the domain name investors view, want a good estimate the domain name is also looking for investors to buy, no way limited resources. Do not recommend the first letter of practical Pinyin, or some strange, meaningless combination, as a domain name, a good domain name for the future development of the web site has an immeasurable role.

two, interface


interface is the first contact visitors to the site elements, regardless of website function, content and other factors, if visitors first see is an out of order, color collocation of chaos website, so they will choose to shut down nine out of ten estimation directly, not to mention the sales. Therefore, the first impression of the website is very important, and the exquisite and professional interface design can reflect the technical strength of a website and the degree of professional dedication to the work. Some articles on the user experience, my website "Libia website operation club" there are many interested friends can go to see.

three, content

first of all, the content of the website should be updated frequently. It is often updated to show that the website is maintained by special personnel and can be trusted. You can consider a variety of festivals, in the website to arrange some blessing text, and do some related activities according to the festival, closer the distance between the site and visitors.

if you are in sales of goods based on the website, so each commodity description should be abundant and accurate, and provides high definition picture, show your goods from various angles to the visitors, visitors from the point of view, some of the details of the commodity feature, a lot of Taobao crown sellers do very well, we are interested can look at.

lets users know more about

Have to contact us about us, will

every website at the bottom, advertising and other content, which almost become a "standard" website content, although many websites have this position, but the content of most are not enough, there is no good planning in its content, even some website directly short link.

from the visitor’s point of view, it is necessary for him to pay the money to the website and understand the information of the other party. Then the clearer and more detailed the description of the website is, the easier it is to win the trust of the clients. For example, you should specify the website’s business philosophy, business purpose, organizational structure, address, contact phone number, contacts, mailbox and so on. The best part of the telephone branch, post lists, such as pre-sales consulting, after-sales advice, technology, cooperation and so on.

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