Yan Youpeng team is the key to network development and success

Not only may the founding emperor

Dajiangshan since ancient times, could not only the emperor and the soldiers, the founding emperor must have a team to succeed. Only the founding emperor has the team to have the mountain, if a founding emperor only have millions of soldiers and I think he can not put Jiangshan down, because no one and he really common battle, a common mission, common discussion and common progress.

from the previous emperor to lay down a Jiangshan understand the use of the team, and why modern people do not understand the use of the team to build their own web site, in the final analysis is that these factors.

1. single thinking, unable to communicate effectively with people

2. is not willing to share and share results with others

3. is afraid to lose all of its revenue from its own website

4. is not looking for people who have common interests, common goals, and common dreams,

the reason why wolves can defeat all animals that are superior to themselves is the team. Most of the failure people only know how to use their individual ability to do things. Most successful people know how to use the team to do things. Such as A understand the website operation, website design and development technology, understand the promotion, understand the document. He is now an independent operation of A website, I want you to think about a problem which is that the A site will launch to? Can defeat the opponent? I can’t answer you, A know these in a company or team he is very popular, but he is only one person he lost in the speed (here we put some promotion and technical aspects of the main is excluded).

now, let’s talk about one of the hottest websites to promote the industry recently, 28 push, which is set up by Mou Changqing and his disciples. Let’s analyze why Mou Changqing started building a web site with the help of 28 disciples.

1. mouchangqing ability in strong, strong in the relationship if he does not push his team now 28 disciples will lose at the speed above, because he knows is the promotion, operation, for the program, artists may not understand it, when dealing with relationship between strong understand these people will help him but others will not have things hurry, and the 28 disciples and their mission to push these people.

2. Mu Changqing in the purpose of recruiting disciples, I guess in order to build a team, and then and 28 disciples in the search for a good project, choose entrepreneurship. And "28 push" is their way of finding projects and finding talent.

3. mouchangqing generalization ability, operation ability, count the people face wide community operators is about a data flow, data like the website is that we do not know, but the community is about the popularity of data is public, so there are 28 disciples of the joint efforts of promotion, marketing, post. Jian Yi, so in order to improve in a short period of time to do.

4. Mu evergreen, a day can only write two or three articles to promote, and 28 people every day, there are 30 articles, there are effects

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