Using good network publicity tools is the key to success of group buying websites

online group buying is a new type of e-commerce business model. It is famous for its low price and is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Buy site first appeared in the United States, due to the huge success of buy site King Groupon, which quickly stimulated the nerves of IT circles in various countries.

the Internet industry in China is affected by Groupon. The types of Web sites are springing up rapidly. There is a flood of various forms of online group buying, and there are not many successful group buying websites. In the fierce competition in the network group, how can we ensure that their Group buy website success?

We all know that

network group purchase the product update is very fast, the tour time is generally not more than three days, in such a short time to make you this group purchase products to let consumers know that this is a very difficult thing for some strength is not strong group purchase website. Therefore, the success of the group buying website depends on whether your product can let the consumer know in a short time.

as a strength is not strong new station, what method can let your group products quickly let consumers know? I think, as long as the full use of the following major network tools, basically can do.


micro-blog and its rapid popularity, the rapid spread of modern information plays the role of the building, the current micro-blog is still in the crazy stage, the size of all things in the world is now happening almost to quickly spread through the micro. In the group purchase site of the people can not ignore micro-blog this powerful propaganda tool, may make the network group purchase people feel micro-blog is naturally born to group purchase website, because in this world you couldn’t find any micro more quickly, more convenient, more popular and more cheap promotional tools


community forum

some time ago, I was in the world for my ha ha group sent a lot of "soft post", each click rate of more than ten thousand. Therefore, the popularity of high community forums is very powerful publicity, such as the end of the world, power forum, Baidu post bar and so on. In these places if you send some creative posts or pictures, one or two days tens of thousands of hits is not a problem, of course, how in your posts inside your product contains hidden it depends on your ability, because only advertising is very easy to delete posts than



blog here of course refers to the views of high blog, because the new blog is not accessible, even if you send too much information is rarely seen, good blog need to slowly cultivate to gather popularity. There are many visits to more than one million blog, now I see the most powerful blog is Siu Ming Tsui Sina blog, visited 10 hundreds of millions of bloggers! Once in the blog to send some information I think it group purchase, transmission speed is quite amazing.


QQ is currently in the middle

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