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first thanks webmaster for giving me a place for my self experience. I am a stock broker, currently operating the first securities network ( here and everybody exchange website and investment, in order to more communication with you to progress together.

network, I am a novice, just before the stock market, often looking for web sites, pay attention to stock news. After the financial crisis, I lost my share of the stock market. Slowly began to pay attention to some things, and then understand the webmaster of this profession, attention A5 more than a year, the first time to send this article, and at the same time, my site is the beginning of the day.

should be lucky at first. I’ll have my website at once. In addition, I am glad that when the financial crisis, I lost the stock, but to win the network, at least for me, progress is not small.

wrote this article, the title is thought for a long time, and later wrote on, a stock, a website, perhaps, this is my future life.

I started trading in 05 years, but the stock market is depressed. At that time, little investment, until 07 years, the stock market soared to lead a group of people of the rich, I from 50 thousand dollars to about 500000 to 08 of the highest speculation, since 500 thousand, has shrunk, the rest is now less than 150 thousand shares, really gives people hope, also let me feel the feeling of losing. It’s very bad, too. Graduation so far, are professionals in the stock market". Oh, now turn around, now is a stock broker and the webmaster, learning will be a lot of things, I will insist to do.

stocks a few years overall there is no loss, but the education and the wrong operation also makes me ashamed, I often think so, I study on stocks, so much data, learned so much, why not share. So, this is also my intention to do the first securities network. At the same time, I am confident about data analysis.

is not afraid of with you to analyze my data analysis approach, we can look at the A5 forum network transactions plate, there are few securities website for sale, the reason is very simple, very few people make money out, so a securities website, IP1 million, the absolute value is greater than a IP10 million suit website.

A5 forum, should go to see more, network resources, you want, you can buy. Some time ago, I called my friend to the A5 forum, bought many links, and then also found people in it, and made templates for me. Thanks to A5 for giving me a quick track. I can find help here if I don’t know.

hope you can communicate with me more, and I hope you can help me with the first securities network:, thank you,


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