The professor left the big city to be a farmer

now in rural entrepreneurship has become increasingly common, there are also a number of people in the city to see the rural area business prospects, have rushed to the rural areas of entrepreneurship, the venture will say next has such a social experience.

when another batch of farmers into the city, to get the city accounts as their goal, doctoral tutor Wang Zhengwu Shanghai Jiaotong University Department of food science, quietly choose to leave Shanghai to Nanjing South Village Longtan street as a farmer, he planted all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, not only farmers become the talk of the village also, continue to appear in Nanjing, Shanghai’s high-end market vegetables. See Professor Wang Zhengwu when he was wearing a peaked cap, wearing a jacket in the greenhouses busy. A pair of mud shoes, simple and honest smile, looks really like a typical farmer.

professor to Nanjing garden

Wang Zhengwu a simple room in a greenhouse at the open old IBM laptop computer simply put it on the table, stocked with a variety of fruits and vegetables nursery photos. 50 more than Wang Zhengwu, is the Shanghai Jiaotong University, the subject of functional food science, the American Chemical Society, the National Natural Science Foundation of experts, but also the introduction of Nanjing in 2012, the "321" talent.

Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University,

"open, why choose to come to Nanjing to start when the farmer?" This is a lot of people in Nanjing met Wang Zhengwu favorite question. Nanjing gave me a good policy, Longtan side of the landscape also attracted me to venture here."  , Wang Zhengwu said, he is from Guizhou, is a native of the children of farmers, have deep feelings for the countryside. As an agricultural biotechnology scholar, he has a number of inventions in Shanghai Jiaotong University, these inventions need a piece of land to put him into practice, the fruits of science and technology. Nanjing’s 321 talent introduction policy attracted him, so that he was willing to give up the superior life in Shanghai, Nanjing rural entrepreneurship.

", I try a koidzumi, but the natural organic germanium vegetables." Wang Zhengwu readily from the greenhouses took a look more rugged than the celery root vegetables, put into the mouth to chew up the lead. Green roots, bite down, out of the yellow liquid, delicate fragrance, very refreshing. Professor Wang said that this vegetable called tomorrow leaves, seeds of Hachijo Jima from Japan, the nutritional components like Korea ginseng, yellow juice out of the cut portion of chalcone, has high medicinal value, has anti-inflammatory antioxidant anticancer and other effects.

"I grow fruits and vegetables are grown organically, recommended

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