Appliance maintenance of the nternet development model concern

modern people do not have a coup for damaged appliances, they are very high expectations of professional repair brand. Home appliance repair in the new era of development what is the difference? Many people will say that the use of the Internet model is the biggest change in the industry.

"home life" APP in various types of electrical installation, maintenance, maintenance, replacement for the integrated service platform, the platform was born, has become the object of the appliance repair outlets to cooperation. Using a typical O2O mode, the user through the APP order, convenient accessibility. "Experience home life" mobile service portals combined with years of the line, make full use of mobile Internet technology, service engineers deep integration of resources under the line, redefine and package services for the process industry pain points, and actively create new industry rules. So far, the whole category has been expanded to the traditional black and white appliances, kitchen appliances, building a large service network covering the main city of the country, the system maintenance engineers skilled, become an important industry in innovative enterprises.

"home life" with APP’s reputation gradually far, more and more users choose to use "home life" booking service, more and more high-quality home appliances repair outlets also put their arms, but compared to the past, the vast majority of the performance have made considerable progress. In fact, in the future, in our country has unlimited prospects for home appliance repair market, home life model to lead the industry trend is the trend.


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