Fudan female school tyrants resign entrepreneurial creative flower annual income of over one million

open shop is how many women have dreams, but some people just take it as a dream, and some people have not given up. Fudan female school tyrants choose to start from the state-owned enterprises to start, from the use of the network to start a creative florist, and ultimately realize the annual income of over a million, the achievements of a female entrepreneurs legend.

Leaf bud

2013 years, ye Lei with girlfriends in his hometown of Nanning,, a studio, a name of cherry flower flower flower, the flower shop in the official launch of the original, her entrepreneurial story from now on.

had a leaf bud with the network entrepreneurial dream, the biggest pressure is not anything else, but from her parents. "My parents are very traditional people, in their view, the flower like fruit and vegetables, not graduated from famous universities should do a decent job. So at first they didn’t want me to quit." Ye Lei said.

"we are resolutely, and determined to make a different flower." Ye Lei explained carefully, we go is a private custom emotional route, for the story of the customer tailored different flowers. We abandoned the traditional flower shop with the packaging, whether it is the design of flowers or packaging techniques, are derived from the floral division to understand the story of the customer, as well as the views of life and beauty."

in March this year, a leaf bud received an order, "is a man want to send flowers to him at the coffee shop at first sight of the female, but only know each other wearing a blue skirt, with the Mercedes Benz car keys. So we were in the coffee shop near, for him to decorate a white Mercedes Benz car, full of blue box filled with blue sky." Ye Lei said that each of the people to help forward this micro-blog recommended

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