How to manage a new project

there is demand, there will be a market, will inspire new things, the emergence and development of new things. The emergence of chat, it is to meet the growing needs of the spiritual and cultural life of consumers. It is the product of social development.

"basic salary + commission business" from the university campus and the community to recruit some higher quality, they can "chatters" "resonates with the guests". Based on this, she launched the "customer self-service", namely, the customer needs what profession, what are the characteristics of the chatters, can choose according to their own will. Third months, talk about the business has made great progress.

"talk" as a new thing, nature will attract media attention. Zhang Meiying went to the city of the media hotline. Reporters came to the news, chat on the board of several newspapers. The third measure is more vast. In order to allow customers to maximize the release of their own emotions, she launched a free service to set a specific chat room in the "talk", allowing them to be in the white wall free graffiti, and all content keep pictures, to commemorate. This service launch, customers have left the handwriting on the wall, a message, a blessing, a confession…… So many people have become a chat about the repeat customers.

, Xiaobian for you.

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