Ren Liang Hua high school dropout open glasses shop make millions

dropped out of high school, in the current era of emphasis on education, even if it can make money, seemingly also can not make a big fortune. However, the protagonist of this article, but by virtue of their own efforts, to subvert the idea of the people, has become the goal of more entrepreneurs to learn.

he was myopia, he did not graduate from high school, he had been looked down upon, but he is now a million into the glasses shop owner, he is more and more Yong Ren ren! End a plate, when, after unsuccessful attempts to open shop, frustration and not overwhelmed by this man of the northwest, one he finally let their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality, now let Liang Hua newly opened glasses shop has reached millions of annual income!

due to genetic causes, Ren Liang Hua childhood myopia, primary school wear glasses, high school did not study, early drop out of school to go home to work. Waiter, technician, help people run errands, he has done above, and even learn to buy to do sales, but did not earn any money. After several twists and turns, Ren Liang Hua thought of his eyes, also think now myopia so much, open a glasses shop, do not worry about not making money?

Ren Liang Hua decided drastic, he not only buying a lot of books, eye glasses of knowledge, but also dedicated to the brand shop to participate in the training, in order to get people’s approval, any pair of glasses Liang Hua light distribution technology excellence, through unremitting efforts and hard work, he finally became the two state certified optometrist. For sales, he also experienced more experience in the glasses shop training.

as Ren Hualiang said, the advanced equipment, can not only provide customers with satisfactory precision glasses, and shorten the time of optometry and glasses. Students in the early period, the most popular in the shop, a day with hundreds of pairs of glasses. Last year, Liang Hua glasses shop created 1 million yuan turnover myth. In front of the results, Ren and no pride, he opened in June this year, second stores, increase store, expand the scope of business, high school and low grade glasses everything.

in the face of all kinds of setbacks and difficulties, many people may choose to give up, life is spent in poverty, however, the hero of this article is not the same as the. Although the fate of injustice, but do not bow to fate, so as to be able to create such a myth of entrepreneurship.

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