Rise of fresh electricity supplier industry outlook is worth a look

online shopping has become a habit, and now even a bag of snacks can also be purchased online, so the purchase of fresh and semi-finished products on the Internet is not a rarity. The rapid rise of fresh electricity providers, access to the attention of many entrepreneurs.

as the last piece of fat electricity, fresh electricity heat is increasing from the beginning of 2014. Electricity supplier giants in the layout of fresh business, Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon, SF preferred, one shop, I bought a comprehensive network of electricity providers such as no one absent. Meanwhile, vertical fresh electricity supplier is also very concerned about the capital. Originally life, every day, such as orchards have received tens of millions of dollars in financing, the former president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng resigned to create fresh electricity supplier DMall has not yet been on the line has been an angel.

also in 2014, semi-finished food electricity supplier as a new fresh electricity supplier model began to attract attention, then the entrepreneurs began to try, including the young monarch dish, vegetables, small Nongnv, as guest with new taste, endless life. But such services in the demand for authenticity, purchase frequency, customer price, delivery costs have also been questioned.

A, fresh electricity penetration rate of less than 30%, but the growth of considerable space in

two, imports of fruit the most popular user

in various category of fresh fruit imports, most fresh electricity users, 40.3% of users preferred to buy imported fruit, the second are seafood, fruits and dairy products of domestic parity. The lowest willingness to buy is vegetables.

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