So open the children’s paradise

now many parents are busy, so in the weekend when they like to spend more time with their children, children’s paradise is a place where parents often take their children to go. Children’s playground is also open to make money. But many people do not know how to operate a children’s paradise in business skills, it is easy to detour. The following small series for you to share the management of children’s paradise road.


salesperson should be light steps closer to the customer, the proposal does not stand in front of the customer, the best position is the customer side, this will not only reduce the face to face may cause pressure, also easy to talk to customers, because customers than to speak face face to face up to you to speak more effort, and respect customer.

if is a comprehensive shopping mall, a salesperson should be ready to receive the customer, when a customer walking in the park for children to process as much as possible to take measures you caused the attention of customers exhibition. This may lead to a customer interest in your exhibition area, in fact, is a small ad.

of course, my method is dead, if you want to open the children’s Park, also need to be flexible use of these methods, to develop business strategies according to their actual situation. The above is about the way I opened the children’s paradise chain stores, generally speaking, in the daily business process, to grasp the operation of these methods can effectively improve store turnover.


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