Why Jingdong can not counter attack Tmall only for these three reasons

electricity supplier industry is now extremely competitive, the ultimate reason is nothing more than a big data era unlimited money dispute. As the electricity supplier industry’s two giants, Tmall and Jingdong’s strategic struggle continues.

tactics, "has not yet ended, cats and dogs" strategy, Tmall press Jingdong is a foregone conclusion.

8 7, Jingdong 4 billion 300 million yuan strategic stake Yonghui supermarket, holding 10%, as of August 8th the president handed and tea sister wedding, send a gift.

The lack of a platform


from the enterprise genes, Jingdong is the agent gene, its core strengths is the ability to control the strong electricity supplier supply chain, Gome and Suning is such a gene, only one went online, a sink to the line.

Jingdong started category is 3C, but in the process of enterprise growth, do the long tail of rich category and development is a necessary path, but the consequences of doing so is that the supply chain is bloated, to adapt to the market of the long tail has led enterprises "big tail". Thus, in order to control the supply chain, in the growth of this node, it will introduce

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