Sichuan state owned enterprises to optimize the way out of the capital layout

state-owned enterprises in China’s economic development is self-evident, it has the role of regulating the development of national economy in all aspects of the role. However, the phenomenon of state-owned enterprises in Sichuan is facing an urgent need to optimize the capital layout. So, where is the way out?

at present, the reform of state-owned enterprises in Sichuan has entered a new stage. Recently, the provincial office issued "on the adhere to the leadership of the party to strengthen the party’s governance of state-owned enterprises to promote the construction of modern views" at present Sichuan state capital "front" problem, urgent need to optimize the layout of the capital.

Sichuan state owned enterprises have made considerable progress, while some aspects need to be improved. For example, last year, the province’s state-owned net assets yield 1.2 percentage points lower than the East, there is a gap in competitiveness. And Sichuan is not nominated for the world’s top five hundred companies.

on the enterprises to go out of the topic, the chairman of Sichuan energy investment group Guo Yong was intrigued: "there are a lot of opportunities outside ah, such as our north along Russia and some other countries, energy rich, natural gas is less than 5 gross, 1 wool much money with us, the natural gas more than 2 yuan a square seven or eight, the electric hair was compared, the advantage of large. In addition, a number of strategic emerging industries, including power batteries, new materials, in the pursuit of foreign advanced enterprises to promote the development of our industry in Sichuan."

in the optimization of capital structure, state-owned enterprises must adapt to the trend of the times, constantly adjust their strategy, seize the opportunity to get a long-term effective development, to promote the economic development of the country and the people to create real value.

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