2 gross cost to sell after 90% of the opening of the 5 steamed stuffed bun shop in the year earned

the food and beverage industry is really a place where miracles often happen. 27 year old Zhang Xiaofeng spent two years to open the door of the store, from a young unemployed to grow up to earn nearly $700 thousand boss in.

create the "miracle" is a resident of the white town Pingdu City, 27 year old man from Zhang Xiaofeng, unemployed youth to reputation as one of the business model, get a lot of his baozi Inn of people of all ages.

first venture   selling small appliances in the first pot of gold

1982 was born in Zhang Xiaofeng, the family is not very rich. 20 years old that year, Zhang Xiaofeng’s father under the gang, the life of the pinch suddenly caught in a dilemma. Zhang Xiaofeng graduated from vocational school forced livelihoods, decided to do some trading for their parents to share the burden of life.

he borrowed 6000 yuan of money at a local mall rented a shop and started a small appliance business. Relying on the hard work of the spirit and indomitable spirit, the first year, the home appliance store to bring him 70 thousand yuan of income, the success of his first pot of gold.

"I love to eat steamed stuffed bun, was a small household appliance business, on the street to buy buns." Zhang Xiaofeng said, he observed, Pingdu street, the store business is very prosperous, in order to save time and effort, we all like to buy two cages on the roadside. So, he decided to open a bag of meat juice in Pingdu City Zuxian bag shop. In order to investigate the market and choose a good shop location, in early 2010, Zhang Xiaofeng riding a motorcycle in the streets of the city a full investigation of more than half a month.


by the first Baozipu success in the East, Zhang Xiaofeng continuously opened 4 package Zuxian meat juice bag shop. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to Zhang Xiaofeng’s first steamed stuffed bun shop, the store is a view of the quality of steamed buns, Zhang Xiaofeng. Reporter looked around to see, less than 20 square meters of the store, comfortable and clean.

"do catering business, the most important thing is to clean, pack Zuxian >

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