Three years of scholarship to do poineering work venture capital

can turn his interest into a lucrative career, everyone’s dream. A group of music loving little friends are here to pursue the music dream. They do their own guitar, guitar, arranger, singing. When the weather is good, in the school of the lake on the grass, playing and singing, and music bathed in sunshine.

them, the boy named Liu Zebin is the "guitar tribe" boss. He is from the school of information, Zhejiang Gongshang University. He not only teach everyone to play the guitar, but also personally taught the skills to make the guitar to the students, his companions called him "big family".

6 years old began to contact the guitar making     dream for music crazy

"although love singing, but really can play the guitar or in the university." Liu Zebin said it took him less than a month to learn how to play the guitar.

Save scholarship for three years as venture capital     manual guitar into the market of

"guitar tribe" is Liu Zebin founded, "decoration funds have not asked the family to a penny, is my three years of scholarship and work and earn money, about 20 thousand yuan."

will sing many plays guitar, handmade guitar may not many people. Liu Zebin can make a guitar by hand. "So far I’ve done 5 guitars and treated every guitar like a piece of art."

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