How exactly to open clothing store purchase

venture to open the store, the choice of goods is very important, because this is where the brand competitiveness. And open clothing store is so, so in the end how to ensure that the purchase of clothing fashion and hot? This requires a certain skill.

clothing purchase to merchantability, amount, referred to as "double appropriate" business must grasp a key. Operating clothing, both marketable, but also the right amount, but it is difficult to grasp the two". How exactly to sell clothes to buy it?


the first time a lot of shop investors because the eyes are not allowed, all suffered in the first purchase, some people even joked: clothing store opened the first batch of goods will be the backlog, so it is best to carry some of the first few goods.

the first purchase lost

in the purchase, the first AI Tong also stumbled. In her first purchase, sale of goods around peers were carefully analyzed, found that their goods are mostly from the local foreign trade of small factories and into the wholesale market, in order to show their goods are not the same with them, AI Tong decided to find some more characteristics of goods. When she saw a lot of people of Hangzhou clothing wholesale trade is respected, so in the decoration shop during the detour to Hangzhou, nine star wholesale market into the goods.

, hard way fatigued by a long journey since Needless to say, she went to Hangzhou after the discovery, many wholesalers heard that she is from Shenzhen, with her very strange eyes. She took 15 thousand yuan of goods back to Shenzhen, after more than a month, slowly discovered that these goods are in Shenzhen wholesale market, the wholesale price and purchase price lower than her half. Ai Tong understood that, he is guarding Jinshan food, some are obviously around the wholesale market, but she ignored the fancy.

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