Shanghai Fengrui nnovation Forum 8 opening

small and micro enterprises is the main trend of the development of China’s entrepreneurial projects, many small and micro enterprises together to promote the development of economic development. Insiders suggested that the future development of small and micro enterprises will take the trend of joint office, to achieve the optimal allocation of entrepreneurial resources.

12 8, by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission guidance, Shanghai Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by the United States Keluoni capital Shanghai 2015 sharp innovation forum, opened in a space WE+, to help the Shanghai construction science and technology innovation center with global influence.

forum, Nobel Angel Fund founder Li Zhu analysis of the innovation and development of Sino US investment environment differentiation trend, from the perspective of ecological innovation breakthrough described his understanding of the current development of the domestic market.

WE+ co-founder Liu Yanshen said that with the reform of state-owned enterprises, more and more large enterprises will be streamlined to improve efficiency, and more and more excellent small and micro enterprises will appear. These large enterprises will be separated from small businesses to the office environment of hardware and software to pursue, including office environment, office equipment. But in reality, a scale of 20 small enterprises difficult to afford a big office 1000 of the size of the cost, so the future joint office will become a trend, many dozens of small businesses will scale together joint office, we all share a large office, office equipment, fitness facilities will be shared.

It is reported that

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