Pizhou garlic garlic garlic business into what kind of survival

market transactions, due to a number of lawless elements, malicious manipulation, which led to the confusion of the market, so many people’s sweat can not be paid! This time, the situation in Jiangsu, Pizhou garlic prices, so many garlic farmers garlic business into a difficult situation.

in February this year, the emergence of garlic you relentless, continued for nearly two months, the price of garlic was once the price down. However, began in Pizhou on the occasion, enjoys a storage of Fengxian County, and an obvious increase of new garlic listed over nearly 46%.

garlic coerced the "garlic cycle", let the garlic garlic farmers, as well as tens of thousands of migratory birds such as taking the garlic off into how living conditions? At the end of May to early June, the reporter last week into the fresh garlic is one of the main producing areas of Pizhou, to explore the truth.

garlic prices rose four a day, behind the push hands

few agricultural products (000061, stock it) as the minimum purchase price of garlic, two day, and on May 31st, due to the dry garlic price fluctuation is too big, Pizhou was on the four fields of mining price report: 10:55, the highest specifications of the 6.5 lowest 5.7 yuan per kilogram of garlic; 11:18, jumped to 6.2 yuan; 13:47 to 14:16, and from 5.6 yuan per kilogram to 6.3 yuan low uplift.

"This year,

enjoys a price of fresh garlic is very good, more than doubled in the past year." The original work need drying of fresh garlic, nianzhuang Town, Zhang Jiatian chose to sell directly to the farmers to purchase the hawker, 2.3 yuan per kilogram, an increase of 109.09%.

Pizhou city price monitoring bureau staff Xue Genyuan told reporters that this year the cold effect, Henan 30%-40% and Pizhou early frozen garlic, garlic and the surrounding area, paddy field rate of 10% – 20% garlic bolt. The garlic planting area decreased, resulted in the decrease of the national inventories in 2013 Inventory 2 million 770 thousand tons, 2 million 600 thousand tons in 2014, 2 million 150 thousand tons in 2015 to early March this year, only 600 thousand tons." Pizhou Hengfeng Food Company general manager Xu Youbao said.

this information has been artificially enlarged, becoming an important driving force of the current price increases." The general manager of blue garlic industry Liu Chuanguo said, the end of February this year, held a fresh garlic industry conference in Shandong, learned that the national inventory data, has opened a "sober" mode, soon Fujian, Henan, northeast and other places around the capital with garlic business "Predators", hundreds of millions of dollars for fried garlic.

garlic business package to buy high priced farms, secretly supporting

compared to other bulk agricultural products, garlic industry level is very high, to a certain extent, protect the ability to participate in the risk of funds. Liu Chuanguo introduced to warehouse recommend

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