Qinghai provides a good entrepreneurial environment for returning entrepreneurs

now have appeared around the many home business force, at the same time, there are a lot of people who have some home business ideas, some local governments for returning entrepreneurs has also given a very liberal entrepreneurship policy, also played a very good effect of entrepreneurship.

summer, into the Delingha city Xu Ji Xiang, near a lush grass mountain. By a gravel road in downtown, more than and 20 kilometers after the bumpy, came to the Delingha city "sacred cows" ecological livestock farming cooperatives, dozens of high standard built barn row in a piece of open land covers an area of more than and 200 acres of the, in the quiet look spectacular.

"this is all thanks to Zhang Kai of director of such a knowledge management, hard-working guide." Co OP member Zhang Jianxue said.

overalls covered with grass, dust, a pair of feet slightly bulky outdoor shoes almost no color, let Gobi face exposed to the weather look dark pink…… This is the experience of two years ago to go out to work, accumulate experience and strength back to business, the current chairman of the professional cooperative Zhang Kai.

"business, sometimes need to put yourself into a position to force to force the way." Pick up a huge stall of Zhang Kai, calm words show confidence.

40 early this year Zhang Kai is a native of the local people, had been here in the farm and farm work, after the turn, Zhang Kai has found himself while working around the province, and listen to the knowledge of learning culture. It should be the "opportunities always favor those who are prepared" saying this, the winter of 2012, when Zhang Kai learned the experience of breeding cattle, see cattle breeding around the Hercynian certailnly, Zhang Kai stopped out of step, choose in their own native, the vast Hercynian, dry one he has been pondering the cattle cause. At that time, coincided with the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to adjust the agricultural structure, the breeding of cow make first appearance.

determined snapadoo. Zhang Kai took out all the family, even more than a dozen brothers in the original farm workers, shares of the way to pick up the "sacred cows" ecological animal husbandry professional farming cooperatives. At the same time, with the support of the local agriculture and animal husbandry department, the farmers of the surrounding towns and villages with the grass hill and the cattle to join the cooperatives, staging bonus to members.

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