Wang Ruixu a net worth of 90 billion entrepreneurs

90 has become the main force of college students, they are full of vitality and passion, confidence in entrepreneurship. After identifying business opportunities and the market, after a 90 year college students have experienced four years of hard work, now worth billions of dollars valuation.

"mass innovation, the entrepreneurial" inspired many 90 and college students to join the tide of entrepreneurship, part-time cat founder Wang Rui Xu had with the label identity into the Zhongnanhai by Li Keqiang met with Prime minister. But it is such a success is regarded as a typical example of 90 college students, but also does not recommend blind college students, but they hope to be able to get into contact with the community before the start of business, planning.

by the influence of Chaozhou Zi

entrepreneurial gene

however, although it is very hard, still did not save back to this small factory, at Wang Ruixu University, the factory bankrupt, his life is in a dilemma. "Going out to work means living, I have to earn my own living expenses." He did a lot of part-time, leaflets, security, put a stall, do promotions, are hoping to earn money. "I feel like I’m an adult and can’t ask for money at home anymore".

now part-time cat valuation has billions of dollars, but this distance Wang Ruixu small entrepreneurial toss it has been almost four years.

2011, that he is in the campus of the University of entrepreneurial start-up years, from the start of the Tao Xun gene play a role. "Although the venture did not want to a good direction, but would break out one of their future business objectives: one year and three years to achieve what goal, what time to reserve funds and personnel, the money is left for the accumulation of funds or bonuses." At that time, the student team has started the company’s operation, on the one hand has continued to receive various services to maintain team operation, on the other hand, looking for long-term business objectives.

2014 at the beginning, after the completion of the depth of the market survey, a part-time cat in the mobile recommendation

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