How much money to open the video game shop

our main business start-up, naturally need to take into account the issue of funds. After all, money is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship. So, how much money to open the video game shop? This is a problem almost every one want in the video industry entrepreneurs have to consider, because for most entrepreneurs, capital is limited, so the limited funds range, you can open a video store?

In fact,

for the video store how much of this problem, the answer is certainly not the only, according to your different grades, different scale around the rent, the investment difference is very large, this article is mainly based on the size of the shop is different, divided into small and medium-sized shop stores and luxury stores three scale, are introduced. Entrepreneurs can use this as a reference.

1, small store (20 square meters area)

video store not too large, so the small shop is currently the most video store form of investment, may be a corner of a computer inside the city a few counters around it, may also be a small residential area or around the pavement around the school, following their investments:

rent and transfer fee: this part of the market in accordance with the different circumstances, the difference is very large, the rent is about 2000-5000, the transfer fee of about 0-10000 yuan between. The specific amount of investment is based on the actual situation of the local market.

decoration: mainly including counters, sofas, chairs, TV, shop posters, as well as the layout of the wall, ceiling and so on, due to the shop is not large, generally about 20 thousand yuan to complete the renovation.

first purchase: mainly including the current mainstream models as well as various types of host peripherals, software, etc., usually in the 3-4 million.

working capital: more than 10 thousand of the recommendations can be used for business promotion, publicity, and to prevent the use of various types of emergency. Since the beginning of the business often requires an accumulation of the process, if there is no such peripheral funds, the problem will be difficult to cope with.

2, medium-sized stores (area 20-50 square meters)

relative to the small shop, open shop business video store medium more flexible will, entrepreneurs can provide some demo space for consumers, especially the game is popular today, the demo can easily evoke the interest of consumers, but also can collocation animation together with its surrounding sales, expand the business scope, the following is the main investment situation:

rent and transfer fees: the same according to the local market environment is different, the difference is very large, the rent is about 3000-8000 yuan between the transfer fee of about 0-15000 yuan.