How to name the store from the market point of view

how to shop for a good name, can be the starting point for many, as the operator, only starting from the more suitable angle, can make the name more appropriate. From the market perspective to the shop name, largely determines the shop advertising, because the shop name is called out to let people know and understand the customer name, to first contact before the content is shop shop so a good shop will play a very important the role of. How to store a good name? The following Xiaobian for everyone, from the market point of view to the shop name!

San Francisco Chinese area, there is a restaurant in "accent Pavilion", business is booming. Most of the guests here are other people. Long years of floating overseas Chinese, there is a feeling of homesickness. Work together to find fellow, comfort homesickness, accent pavilion has become their best place. So, "accent Ge" is a very successful name.

this case once again remind businesses:

although the rise and fall of a shop mainly in the shop’s hard, software services, but a good name, its role is huge.

a good shop name must be suitable for the psychological needs of its target customers, suitable for the store’s business purposes and mood, so as to establish a good image for the store, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the customer.

at the same time, for the public to advocate universal psychological big things, many of the stores, manufacturers make a fuss in the words on the. As for China, the function words used in Kyushu, China, East, South, north, northeast, northwest, southwest, north, East, central, Southern China, central, South, East, Far East, Asia and the world, the global geographical name, which gives the impression of "big".

is used as a function word such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Pearl River, the Great Wall, Taishan, Mount Huangshan, Nanling, East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, South China Sea, South Asia and the Pacific ocean". Of course, it is our consumers have big demand demand. So the name will be able to understand.

uses modern vocabulary, some businesses in order to comply with the trend of the times, to meet modern consumer aesthetic taste, pay attention to selection of modern means of this kind of name, name of the general impression of a "foreign" gas feeling, give a person a kind of taste, taste the feeling of commodity. Such as Beijing Yansha mall, West Mall, Parkson group, Concord group, Meggie salon, fitness center, Rhine olice cosmetics shops, shops and so on Maxam cosmetics co..

should see, learn from foreign transliteration, pursuit of foreign flavor enterprises more and more, many names focus only on the surface of the gorgeous words by several means, some modern means of word combination, meaning in the name, is not.

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