Three disciplines allows you to choose a good brand of tea stores

Chinese people love tea, tea industry chain construction is relatively perfect, so join the tea chain can be rapid development, to achieve profitability. Open tea shop blindly operation is undesirable, the person concerned that, in order to successfully join a tea chain, before joining the following three discipline".

A: discipline for more than 5 years of successful operation of the chain brand.

franchising business, the business people who want to save, can not find the venture’s troubles, is a shortcut to success. But after joining the success, largely depends on the franchise brand.

competitive chain brand as the development of a better future, join the requirements of natural high. But we must understand that the more stringent conditions to join the brand often have a more complete join the system as well as a more powerful financial resources and strength, but the ability to ensure that franchisees profit. Because of this, the more the credibility of the chain enterprises, select the more stringent checks when joining.

discipline three: not with the headquarters "face to face" not signing.

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