After the National Day holiday subway film a week can net more than 2 thousand

National Day holiday, after 90 are busy to go home to enjoy the holidays, however, there are some 90 out of the National Day holiday time to part-time fishing. Which in the subway, milk tea shop and other places there are many active 90.

than ADA, a Liwan yard staff spring light is better. In the daytime parking generation owners parking, move, 10 hours of work, the monthly income of 3000 yuan. 3 am, spring light on time to pick up his "two customers" of the owner of the bar. The safety of the boss to send home part-time, earn 3500 yuan per month. Mid Autumn Festival, national day, the boss gave 800 yuan overtime".

spring light, because the driving and parking, in the parking lot, his salary is 1 times higher than that of other people. "National day does not rest, two workers are rich, why go out ‘join the fun’!"



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