Bakery these things you need to know the whole

for some novice shop, the beginning of the shop may not be very clear process, which requires a certain amount of knowledge related to the accumulation of reserves and the actual combat experience. Small series to provide you with knowledge, the general bakery needs to do the following five things.

1, the bakery will hire a special master to make bread, and generally not a bakery to buy bread food, at least there will be some other snack cake, ah what a twist is best not to do their own, is the best in their own brand of other manufacturers. Because bread is not suitable for long-distance transport, usually do their own.

2, should be ready for some documents before opening: business license (Business Administration), tax registration certificate (Local Taxation Bureau), health permit (local health bureau), sewage permit (the local environmental protection bureau), fire permits (local fire brigade), a health certificate (the local health bureau).

3, equipment preparation: general new bakery, with some of the most basic equipment on it, with the development of re update equipment. For example, doughmixer (mixer), mixer, cream machine (cake to use), layered oven (complete oven tray), a variety of abrasives, generally the cake will be used, and food packaging bag. The vessels and put the bread.

4, materials can go to your local non-staple food market to grant. General raw materials as long as the preservation of good, you can put half a year to 1 years. Do not forget to keep a room in the decoration or space to do disinfection room, otherwise the health department to check.


5, the last recruit a few salesmen, ready to be opened.

so what do you need to do to open the bakery?

would like to open a bakery. The first and most important is the technical problem, only when you have mastered the related knowledge and technology enough, you can y understand the bakery. Then opened a bakery, it is good business. Technical knowledge is the premise of a good product, but also a good product is the key to the success or failure of the bakery.

There are different ways to solve the problem of

production technology. At the present stage, the most direct and quick way is to study in baking classes. In the training class, the teacher will teach the fabrication technology of various popular bread, cakes, pastries without reservation, let you become a qualified pastry in a short period of time. At the same time, we can learn a lot about the equipment, raw materials, knowledge, let us know all the things we want to do.

a lot of bakery failure due to the lack of professional knowledge, more or less operators caused by, because of the lack of professional knowledge will cause your production >

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