48 year old boss ushered in the cause of the spring of second

in the automotive repair industry, Ding Yongjun can be said to be the expert level character, because he is relying on auto repair and the cause of success, let’s look at how Ding Yongjun step by step to realize their dreams.

know xierun repair of the brand, Ding Yongjun soon and the headquarters of the investment manager of contact, two weeks after the headquarters sent investigator to inspect local, then he went to visit the headquarters training, everything went smoothly. Ding Yongjun is done before the industry, in itself, understand the repair technology, but to understand the headquarters scratch repair technology, he was still very surprised, did not expect such a good technology really exist so fast. In May last year, Ding Yongjun’s scratch scratch repair expert store opened, but also to introduce this technology to their county, the business is very hot. Whenever a problem he suddenly will do business, he said he met the "elegant" help.



after a year’s time, Ding Yongjun is more optimistic about the market, the busy day to take care of their own stores, the number of members grow with each passing day old customers is very high. Ding Yongjun not only earned the money to expand the store, and is now looking for the right store, ready to open a shop. In fact, before Ding Yongjun to start his own business, didn’t think so much, to the customer service and marketing work, no consciousness, now joined xierun aftermarket, headquarters to provide a lot of help, the after-sale service is meticulous, franchisees have what problem have professional personnel to visit, which makes Ding Yongjun full the confidence of their own career.

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