Fangshan joined has the characteristic

in our lives, for the selection of features to join the food project, has been a very strong choice. I heard Fangshan to join the project, is very distinctive choice. The quality of entrepreneurship Fangshan project, small business preferred.

Fangshan joined the agency, Fangshan court dishes about 800 species, among them, Jin Chanyubao, a tail of shark’s fin, bird’s nest with prawns, save oil fish, chicken and other palace offer the most distinctive name slipped; point pea, Kidney Bean Rolls, small head, Sesame Cake with Minced Pork etc.. Fangshan’s most famous dish is "manhanquanxi". Manhanquanxi the mountain, sea bird, eight eight eight, grass and other valuable raw materials by eight, stew stew techniques such as barbecue and Han Manchu, Hui is the essence, the North-South style rich and colorful, splendid. Complete Manhanquanxi need 4 to 6 meals out. In order to meet the needs of guests, the restaurant launched the "Manhanquanxi selection menu", so that guests can enjoy the exquisite characteristic meal feast.

Fangshan joined the agency, Fangshan in dozens of years of operation, has always maintained a palace flavor characteristics. In order to exploit the palace dishes, Fangshan sent several trips to the Imperial Palace Museum, sorting out hundreds of dishes Qian Long, Guangxu years in numerous imperial archives.

Fangshan agent, Fangshan services focus on standard and flexible combination, formed their own service characteristics. The Fangshan yuan with the former royal life, and the restaurant is located in the royal gardens, so many dishes have exquisite name allusions, many pavilions Gallery plaque has a history of calligraphy and painting, the banquet waiter tacty say, often make the guest with fun.

restaurant often receive state banquets and undertake the large-scale banquet. Foreign dignitaries received the heads of state and former US President Nixon, Secretary of state Kissinger · Schultz, former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, Ohira Masakata, former British Prime Minister Heath, former president of Philippines Marcos, the Cambodian President Sihanouk and Song Shuang, Josepan, Italy bin nun, former Prime Minister Craxi, former president of Malta, Barbara, the former Secretary General of Waldheim.

with the choice of brand stores for consumers to join the project, is a very wise choice. Join the Fangshan Restaurant? Advantages, brand strength. Less investment costs, but very good profit margins. Join the Fangshan, it is worth joining!

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