A lane casserole to create their own unique brand

food and beverage industry to make money this is recognized as the fact that the food and beverage industry is easy to enter, but in order to stand out in the strong competitive pressures and invincible is a very difficult thing. The most important thing is to have their own characteristics of the brand. Take the noodles the variety, all sorts of strange things, new tricks. But there is nothing particularly attractive, so the noodle industry has always been so lukewarm business. A lane casserole is different, he in the original casserole on the basis of innovation, to create their own unique brand. Catering enterprises only have their own core competitiveness in order to have a grasp of money.

food and beverage industry can make money, this is an open secret, to join the catering industry must choose to have their own characteristics, China food culture is broad and profound, delicacy is everywhere, light noodles are divided into several different ways of eating, a casserole Xiang know innovation, combined with the nutrition and taste delicious, but different from his home taste, have their own core competitiveness, to earn money.


of a lane based on carry forward the essence of traditional casserole casserole on into the Sichuan style, high quality and various seasonings chicken stew made of special casserole. Its unique taste, rich nutrition, affordable. A variety of a variety of casserole, affordable. The collocation of various grades of meat and vegetables. A variety of flavors, various patterns of casserole. A casserole as Xiang Rui Sheng Ya group company’s hottest brand, because of its more than 100 years of history and excellent product taste, and preheating of various media channels, once the promotion has hit the industry. Customer panic buying rivals back, even hundreds of people waiting in line for a lane casserole open event, There was no parallel in history. A lane of casserole from the fundamental solution to the phenomenon of fast food restaurant without brand name, is the gold project of investment development.

a lane in addition to a delicious casserole, as well as yellow braised chicken rice, a Lane Yellow braised chicken rice using secret sauce technology, a number of 10 spices and condiments in strict proportion of cooking, the aroma is pressing. Different from other products, has its own characteristics and flavor, a lane casserole invited join together to seek common development and common progress, to share this huge market wealth.

reminder: through a small series of introduction, I believe you have to join a casserole Lane have a certain understanding, if you have questions about a Xiang casserole, welcome you to come to the consultation, we will make a comprehensive solution for the first time you.

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