Anhui youth business venture capital loans issued more than 50 million yuan

is now a popular pioneering era, under a new background of this venture, seem to have become very common, at the same time, the country in order to encourage and promote young entrepreneurship activities have given them some money to help.

Since the

to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, the relevant departments in Anhui province actively explore a new path of new pattern, market-oriented approach to support the province’s Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship. At the beginning of this year, according to the provincial cooperation, market operation, risk sharing "principle, the two Department of Hefei high tech Zone as a pilot, provincial finance, Hefei high tech Zone by 2: 1 ratio to set up a 30 million yuan of youth entrepreneurship guide funds by the Hefei high tech Zone through the" debt investment + equity investment ", the implementation of" mortgage free security "model of initial support entrepreneurship and development of entrepreneurship, and will be responsible for 5 times the size of funds to enlarge the principal guide funds, namely 150 million yuan.


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