Franchise business is so prosperous money no longer extremely lonely

hands with free funds, people do not want to save the bank, but more willing to invest in real estate, stocks, of course, there are a lot of people choose entrepreneurship. In fact, open shop is a good business choice, the risk is low, very easy to operate.

"to open a restaurant!" This is the most easy to think of their own investment in the direction of investment shops, because the investment in food and beverage industry than other industries seem to be some of the more vulnerable: low threshold for professional and technical requirements are not high, strong operability. In recent years, the popularity of food and beverage franchise chain, the objective is to give people who want to invest in a better and more convenient channel, which increased the confidence of people to open a restaurant. This should be a Chinese saying goes back to the tree good shade.

join takeaway small investment market

Wonton, music, Nanjing soup dumplings, Kui Fujian Sha snacks, wonton soup, wonton soup bench…… Snack bar is also a hot spot for investors. According to one of Mr. Lee said that the beginning of his germination of the idea of joining, one asked, the fee was only twenty thousand or thirty thousand, count the decoration and a few months rent and other expenses, the start-up capital of only about 100 thousand yuan, so he opened a shop. "To join the brand, as long as investors have the funds and good stores can be, the other responsible by the head office, very simple." Lee said.

it is understood that, at present, in addition to a number of popular snack market, catering companies will be more than and 20 of the company "China Time-honored" out of chain operation, Wonton, bell, Guo Tangyuan Boiled dumplings…… These stores can be a separate shop, open to all directions.

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