Beauty salon decoration design need to pay attention to these points

The ability of decoration design

beauty salon is the test of a business, want to quickly capture the market, it would have to do a good job in every detail, first in the decoration will give a very comfortable feeling, people find everything fresh and new, successful people are able to attract consumers into the store.

1, improve the background of the beauty salon

refers to the background conditions include: air quality, temperature, temperature, ventilation, noise, atmosphere and cleanliness. This is the beauty salon must first improve the conditions.

2 and optimization design

design factor is the customer most perceptible stimulus, helps to cultivate the positive feelings of customers, to encourage them to take the approach has great potential competition behavior. The design factors are divided into two types: aesthetic factors and functional factors.

a.  good aesthetic factors:

The design of the decoration

beauty shop but if dim color is generally visible feeling, so you can let the customer feel comfortable and enjoyable, and stimulate customer consumption to the maximum extent, because in a bright environment, customers tend to rational consumption of the. In general, partial red or yellow color gives a warm feeling, partial blue or green gives a feeling of indifference, and white, gray and black gives people a sense of moderation.

b.  optimization of functional factors:

Product cabinet: to warm color decoration of a product cabinet. Commodity display showcase should be placed in the right side of the door, light as the main body, high-grade as well. Human visual 45 degrees, the display of goods is the most easy to sell you, take away the goods, often change goods. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the commodity failure, deterioration. Display high-grade, brand-name goods, will improve the store grade. Carry out the takeaway, takeaway sales in place, will enable you to increase turnover of 21%  (total turnover), should attach importance to the development of this block. The window is a comprehensive art form, which is based on the commodity as the main body, through the background, and with all kinds of artistic effects. A theme bright, unique style, color coordination window, can play a role in improving the overall image of the beauty salon.

sign: is a direct reflection of the store image of the "face" to highlight the store management and store advertising culture. Pay attention to color collocation, generally take the dark color as the main body for the purpose. Looking for beauty

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