Community shops investment survey what are the main points

from the current development of the housing market, the investment can not only buy a variety of residential, at the same time, shops have become the target of many investors. However, with the new real estate policies, real estate speculation gradually no longer regarded as an ideal way of investment, and recently around the shops investment seems to have warming trend. How to choose commercial real estate projects, gradually become a matter of concern to the masses of investors.

community shops are different from the theme of shopping malls, professional market, the lower the price of the video, the main face of community owners. Community shops have not only the right to operate a regular shop, but also has a flexible operation, fixed consumption, steady earnings and other advantages. With the saturation of the professional market and shopping district shops, community shops will become a new investment and business shops hot.

there are a lot of people to buy the shop is their own business, understand the business of course, not less; even for investment rental, in order to ensure the rental income, but also to understand the shop rent to the most suitable type of store. Special summed up the 8 aspects of community shops investment points:

1, community size

large-scale community, shops investment value is relatively large, the probability of success is high. Small communities, unless there is a street and the flow of a wider range of small-scale community, otherwise difficult to invest and operating value. The best account of more than 10 homes, housing more than 500 households, residential construction area of 50 thousand square meters, the community once delivered and most of the owners, can form the scale of community, with good investment value shops.

Population characteristics of

2. community

research community population structure, as well as the characteristics of the owners, is essential to investigate the purchase of community shops. Older communities and younger communities, shops and services are very different positioning. Some people say that the economic community housing shops do not have much investment and operating value, which is not true. Because of the economic application of the housing community if it is on the scale, they must also be a commercial support to meet the needs of the owners of the daily life. Although the owners of the community’s overall income is not high, spending power is not particularly strong, but their daily needs of life is still a very large market cake".

3. community shops planning and selection

community shops plan to meet the needs of the community, as well as with the regional commercial scale. In the city’s commercial network planning, community shopping center is the most basic business district, but also the most reliable and most fixed business circles. Cell size determines the number of commercial area planning, the location of the community also determines its business planning and design.

4. community maturity judge

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