2015 5 best entrepreneurial direction to see the re venture

said that now is the era of the Internet entrepreneurs, then, how high is it popular? Even the literary world of Jiang Fangzhou, also have some words to say to you, "feel Beijing is crazy, seems to age more than five years, under the age of thirty, to about three thousand, 46 English level, known as KK, had access to the Internet and media advertising company friends business, moist with a cup of coffee, angel investors".

although somewhat exaggerated, but the entire industry has been busy scene record. IDG Capital Partners Li Feng in Silicon Valley, the university will be talked about, last year should be a bubble in China’s investment, a variety of records repeatedly been refreshed, millet as the limit, which is never happened before. If this description, for a musical point of view, with IDG capital partner Xiong Xiaoge said, this is China’s best entrepreneurial era".

The following is a

1. digital consumer content and 90 lifestyle

IDG is responsible for the new entertainment media Zhao Zhiyuan said that the media hecaitou did an experiment in the WeChat public number slot in the past ask you can pay. Then the results found that 70 said after you pay attention to your idiot, you cancel; 80 who said that "I" for "I" determined not to pay, but I see you this dead white account; 90 is paid, how to say, how much is the account quickly.

2. electricity supplier after the outbreak, is O2O

actually consumption is nothing more than two kinds, one is the product, is a service. The development of products in the past 5 to 10 years, there have been several major electricity supplier giant. In fact, these electricity providers to solve the giant Internet of goods, but every day consumption, most of the spending on services. The Internet service it, in fact, is a process of O2O.

Uber, Airbnb is a typical O2O company, with a clever business model to solve the basic needs of some of the services. They first achieved a flat channel. Recommended ratio

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