Sichuan Suining how to get rid of poverty support bank contributed

With the development of

economy, although many local people’s living standards have been significantly improved, but there are still a lot of places in the territory of the territory is plagued by poverty! According to the voice of the Chinese countryside, "three rural China" reported that poverty alleviation, industrial development is the key. To enhance the ability of the poor villages in the development of the industry, hematopoietic capacity, so that poor households to achieve sustainable growth, is the main way to implement accurate poverty alleviation. The development of the industry can not be separated from financial support, but some of the existing financial instruments can not be a good connection to the needs of poor areas, to crack the bottleneck of industrial development funds.

days ago, the reporter walked into Sichuan in poor areas of Suining, explore the local banking industry is how to help people out of poverty. Near the Spring Festival, is located in Sichuan City, Suining Province, the town of the ship mountain town of cattle camphor industrial base and renewed vitality. Not long ago, Sichuan hundred Green Sheng agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. from Suining agricultural firms get 30 million of the industry’s poverty alleviation loans.

is the 30 million company in the town of Yongxing cattail ditch, mirror, Meng Qiao three poverty-stricken village layout Taiwanofungus industrial base construction can smoothly advance. Sichuan 100 Green Sansheng agricultural science and technology limited company executive director Peng Wei hanging heart finally put down: Peng Wei: if not 30 million, our construction progress is not so quick; after the arrival of funds, the entire project is a major infrastructure construction, the year will be completed.

originally, because of agricultural investment, the initial investment of about 70000000 has made the company into a cash flow tight dilemma; is more difficult, because of the early investment is mostly agricultural infrastructure construction, is not a good evaluation, cash collateral in the short term, there would be large gains, the production and operation of the company the cash flow is not in line with the requirements of the bank loans.

Peng Shuangyong: a big break in credit policy. One is the main guarantee, not the government, the support of relevant departments and platforms involved, do not down; the other is a line of credit, accounts receivable, accounts receivable by government subsidies, credit amount determined, this is also a breakthrough. This is not possible under conventional credit operations and thinking.

reporter learned in Suining rural commercial bank, Suining County as a result of poor natural conditions, through industrial poverty, the amount of money involved is large and concentrated. The 30 million industry poverty alleviation loans become the core power, the normal operation of the current agricultural sustainable life, three agriculture has circulation of the town of Yongxing Chuanshan District three poor village 2640 acres of land, Antrodia Antrodia seedling, the construction of science popularization base, high quality rice farmland consolidation work is gradually pushed. Ship mountain Yongxing Zhen Meng Qiao Cun villagers Tang Shiqiong:

Tang Shiqiong: if you can really get rid of poverty, people say that you should get rid of poverty, like age, the industry to do so, recommend

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