Extreme weather is the possibility of a unified holiday

heavy rain in recent days, for many cities is almost devastating, the rising water level of the Yangtze River, landslides, people even travel has become a problem, but also to go to work, go to school? Jiangshan street water nearly one meter; Fengtai road viaduct and road two-way closed due to water; Daming Road sub cellar Shan Road impassable due to water; Olympic Avenue Mount Lu Road, Mount Huangshan Road, Songshan Road, Mt. Hengshan road traffic disruption; Zijin Road, victory Village Road, houbiaoying road plot flooding situation is serious, the depths of 1 meters……

after the morning, a rare rainstorm yesterday morning, workers are very angry: driving out the jams even no way to go, many buses were halted, even the most reliable of the subway has closed site because of the heavy rain. A lot of people forced to wade impatient, the result is signs of danger appearing everywhere.

in such harsh conditions, there are some units of humanity to inform employees today off, did not go to work, a lot of friends for such praise, at the same time, there are a lot of friends raised such questions like this: Yancheng rainstorm weather, can by the government departments to arrange a holiday?

This is the

account yesterday, a lot of people blocked a morning to reality not unified unit, a half day leave seems to be a worthwhile option, thus can greatly ease the traffic pressure, but the key is, can greatly reduce the safety of public travel. As many netizens said, this rare rainstorm occurred just in the summer, if it occurs during school? Children’s safety should be enough attention?

might as well take a look at our neighbor Anhui, which is also under heavy rain for two days. Because there are a few schools for pre examination as the examination and other reasons not to leave, some schools are still in July 4th, organization students, the Education Department of Anhui Province issued an emergency notice, requiring all from July 5th onwards will be the school holidays, stop all the teaching activities, to eliminate makeup phenomenon.

is currently the implementation of a unified holiday may be only the school, and the positions of the staff are also stick to their work. It is true that there are too many aspects of a unified holiday, but in the face of security, temporary special measures can be implemented. Put half a day or a day off, or off, is a full holiday or for special populations, these options can be refined, but as long as there are such humane initiatives introduced, I believe everyone will give applause.

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